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August 2015
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Dog Training Fun
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Posted by: The Gundogdoc @ 6:49 am

Most of the snow in the area has finally started to melt after accumulating much of the winter. This has helped open up more areas to training, and we’ve been taking advantage of it. I’ve been slowly returning Maggie back to action and she’s been loving every minute she gets in the field:

She’s definitely still a little awkward and sore in that rear leg, but unless you watch closely she isn’t missing a beat. By far one of the most stylish dogs I’ve ever owned, I never had the heart to “break” her to be completely steady. For whatever reason she is easy to make steady to wing and shot, but when the feathers drop watch out:

All the dogs got to work, but with Belle and Lily I’m trying to work out steadiness, which meant it wasn’t practical to carry the camera in the field. Both dogs are doing great and as long as I stick with it I’m hoping to have a couple of steady youngsters by hunting season. It seems like I make that statement every year and never see it through, so we’ll just have to see. Lily is progressing and it has certainly been an exciting process to train her, essentially in reverse, from any other dog I have ever owned. She has been remarkably steady and obedient through her early training and now that we are introducing birds late in the process I just need to stay ahead of the curve:

I’ve posted some of the best pictures from the morning (the light was fantastic) in the photo gallery on the site. For more pointing dogs in action CLICK HERE.

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  1. Adam Benson Says:
    Pups are lookin’ good Dr. Spoo! Cash has been working hard on the whoa breaking and then we too are on to steadiness work. I’m hoping to have him completely broke for next fall but we’ll happily take steady to shot first!

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