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August 2015
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Is This Dog a Lemon? The Maggie Chronicles
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Posted by: The Gundogdoc @ 6:33 am

Who would have thought that such a cute, innocent puppy would cause so much trouble over the course of her life? After our latest health scare with Maggie I promised to do a writeup about the various health issues we have gone through with her over the years. I sat down on Saturday to start plugging away and was shocked when it took me most of the day to put an article together.

She has provided me with some heart-stopping action in the field over the years, but she has also been the source of numerous heartaches. I knew her health issues seemed extraordinary, but until I started listing them it never really hit me as to how hard of a life this pup has had. The “incidents” have ranged from very minor scrapes, cuts and bruises to numerous brushes with death.


I get a kick out of clients that think they have a problem dog, because they see me more than once a year. Or for those that complain about an out-of-the-ordinary vet expense. I always think…at least you don’t have to pay for Maggie. Last fall during one of these health scares Tom looked up from surgery and asked, “What would happen if someone other than a vet owned her?” I hate to even think about that.

To read the full story of Maggie’s Life in injuries CLICK HERE.

Just to give you a teaser here is the time line of her health issues over the years:

Maggie’s History Of Illness By Year:

2001: Demodex, food allergy and bloody diarrhea
2002: Corneal Foreign Body with stromal abscess
2003: Corneal Foreign Body, swollen wrist and corneal ulcer
2004: Stick up the nose for a month and migrating foreign body (Canada Rye Seed)
2005: Torn ear and foreign body in foot (Cactus Spine)
2006: Grade 3 Mast Cell Tumor
2007: Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis and numerous follicular cysts
2008: Entrapped hematoma of gastrocnemius

For the detailed version see:  Is This Dog a Lemon? The Maggie Chronicles

4 Responses to “Is This Dog a Lemon? The Maggie Chronicles”

  1. Shawn Says:
    Joe… Wanta hunt quail next week? Last chance in KS this year! At least had to ask! I was thinking about AZ over the Super Bowl weekend, but I think that’s now out of the question! Bummer!! I doubt Maggie is a lemon! My pointer, Gep, took a similar stick in the neck a few years back! She kept having an abscess that would resolve with antimicrobials and drainage…finally I did a contrast study and the radiologist told me she had a 4 inch stick in her neck! I thought he was crazy…but it was so! The stick had gone through the roof of the mouth under the tongue and lodged in the juglar furrow underneath the Jugular vein and on top of the Carotid! It was the width of a pencil and 4 inches long…Choke Cherry to be exact! It was near the vagal sympathetic trunk to boot! Barely missed entering the thoracic inlet! Took the surgeon 4 hours to retrieve! She did great…only lost the Juglar vein and coughs once in a while from it!
  2. mr goose Says:
    I read in a previos blog you don’t like to pay for a guided hunt whats the difference between paying for a guide or a vet I guess it depends whos flippin the bill
  3. The Gundogdoc Says:
    Shawn, would love to head down south…just not going to happen this year. Best of luck and keep posting the great pictures on your site. We do need more cocker pictures though. mr goose….not sure of the similarities there. I would agree that nobody actually enjoys paying for anything. That being said there are plenty of public hunting opportunities in this state where you don’t pay to hunt and they are the reason I moved out here. I had no problem paying the guide for his services, I just don’t want to see hunting turn into a pay to play proposition. Last I checked there aren’t a bunch of public veterinary clinics where you can just walk in and treat your dog by yourself?
  4. Shawn Says:
    Joe… I’m not ever gonna pay to hunt either…out of pure principle! I’ve found plenty of birds to keep my dogs happy on public land! I’ve found that many land owners will let you hunt their land if you ask them in advance and respect their place! There’s no correlation between vet services and paying to hunt!

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