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August 2008
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Case of the Week—Foxtails Once More
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Posted by: The Gundogdoc @ 7:58 pm

The site is still slow, but I’m going to try to make up for some lost time this week and stay current. If you’ve visited the main page you will notice we are switching servers and relaunching the site in the next two weeks. We may experience a 24-48 hour period of being offline; however, after that, the site should be up and completely revamped. Stay tuned for updates.

Monday I was greeted by a golden retriever with severe eye inflammation. He had been into the local emergency vet a few days prior and was treated for a corneal ulcer (think of it as road rash of the eye). The owners reported on Monday that they had progressively gotten worse and that the dog seemed very uncomfortable. In this first picture you can see how irritated and swollen the tissues of the eye are:

Upon closer exam I could see the edges of what appeared to be plant matter. First I’ll show you the closeup:

Initially I could just see the obvious plant material to the left of the eye in the picture. However, if you look closer, in the other corner of the eye you can see a small bit of plant material. In the following picture the black arrows illustrate where some of the plant material was located. Also, if you look at the yellow line and then come back to the picture above you can see the edge of the ulcer. Essentially the plant material was rubbing a portion of the cornea off the eye. If you’ve ever had an eyelash stuck in your eye you know how painful it can be, just imagine plant seeds:

In the end we removed four different seed bodies, only two of which we could see initially. Likely when the dog initially went into the emergency hospital the eye was too inflamed and swollen, and the seeds too deep, for the veterinarian to see the seeds. By the time I saw the dog they had begun to migrate out:

I rechecked the dog on Friday and the eye was much improved and the dog much more comfortable. The ulcer had completely healed, and I’m happy to report he was back to normal. I realize I have gone a little overboard with these foreign bodies the last few weeks, and I apologize. That being said I have NEVER seen a problem like this, and I am extremely fearful of what the hunting season may bring. Please be vigilant with monitoring your hunting buddy during training and the upcoming hunting season.

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